What is medical tourism?

Medical Tourism is a mounting notion worldwide where people voyage to a new country for medical treatment at lesser cost or to take delight in a holiday along with their treatment.

Typically, Medical Tourism engrosses inhabitants of developed countries in search of medical treatment in developing countries; time and again the costs are much lesser. People of countries with national health care plans - such as Canada and Great Britain - every now and then travel abroad to evade the long coming up times such methods bring. Others may travel for cosmetic surgery not enclosed by insurance. Nevertheless pair is more and more looking for fertility treatments abroad. Others have essential more complicated surgery - such as cardiology treatments - overseas.

Accessibility of first-rate low-priced medical services can also be a key aspect in opting for a destination for retiring abroad.

What services are included?

A range of packages and facilitations are on hand and can be tailored to go with your life style and resources. Package will contain pick up from the airport, lodging at a 4 or 5 star hotels or hotels of your option, ground transportation to and from doctor's appointment and hospital, medical process, post procedure rest and revival stay, travel reservations, trip circuit and much more.

Why should I deem medical or surgical procedures in India?

The analysis and procedures in India is at par with the world's finest centers having internationally eligible & skilled Doctors. Expenses of the medical procedures in India are roughly 1/5th to 1/10th of costs in the west. This cost disparity allows you the chance to have a vacation in a foreign country, recuperate in a 4 to 5 star resort in absolute secrecy and then revisit home having spent less than the course of action unaided in your country. There is no waiting time for any surgical procedures.

Is India really a better place to get medical treatment?

Indian hospitals nowadays treat patients from more than 50 countries across the world.

Here are some grounds at the back its emergence as the preferred health care destination:

  • The price of medical care in India is very small when evaluated with other places in the world.
  • India has a large amount of skilled doctors; many of them have good skill having worked in US and UK and got back to India to work in hospitals here. The ability of other doctors working in India is also of very high class.

What is the cost disparity of medical procedures?

The disparity in value depends upon the medical procedure to be undertaken. The rate is 1/5th to 1/10th of costs of many procedures in the west. This important price reduction allows purchasing a round trip air ticket, improving in a 5 star resort, buying new attire, getting gifts for loved ones back home and visiting alien locales.

Why is medical heed so cost-effectively feasible in India?

Many countries have world-renowned health care system in conditions of excellence and technology, but have not accepted the lawful scheme totally as in the western countries. For e.g. Doctors in the US is requisite to pay medical misconduct cover that usually outlay over $100,000 yearly. Foreign doctors are necessary to pay medical malpractice insurance as well, but their costs are as low as $4000 annually.

In adding up to this insurance, certain economies are at diverse stages of growth than the developed nations. This does not mean that their health care technologies are rearward. In fact, most of the private hospitals in India employ precisely the similar machines and instruments used in US and UK and ultra modern ones are brought in to the anticipation of the global patient.

I don't know anyone in India nor about India. Then how do I travel, stay and get treatment in India?

We arrange for you an inclusive package for health care as well as your travel & stay arrangements in India, during the treatment you will be in hospital, until you are discharged after post operative hospitalization. Your hospital reside may differ depending upon the treatment you experience. While in hospital the nursing body will take good care of you.

Post Treatment Tours2Health can assemble for rest and getting better stay in exotic locations or luxury apartments.

Do I have to compensate any fees or commissions for your services?

We do not indict any amount or commissions from people who want to use the services of our allied hospitals and clinics. We also assist second view analysis and ideas of a variety of treatments and alternatives of hospitals from our board of Doctors for which we charge consultation and service charge.

How can I rely on the class of Indian doctors?

India has good number of expert and qualified doctors. India has the world’s second largest population and this makes generous exposure to umpteen cases and case studies. The number of patients treated per doctor is more. This gives huge skill for the doctors from India. Many cases not even seen or come across in the other countries are successfully treated in India.

Many doctors from India who have worked in the US and UK and returned to India to work in hospitals here. They educate and help other emulate global health care standards and share their experience with doctors and support staff. The caliber of other doctors practicing in India is also of a very high order. We will provide you with resumes and facilitate phone conversations or even video conferences if required. If you are still not comfortable, we will work to provide you with the information about the doctors that is important to you.

How do I pay the costs of surgery?

You pay the costs of surgery straight to the hospital.

The profit of such a payment is:

  • Your money is remunerated straight to the service source, i.e., the hospital and not to any mediator.
  • You may also pay the rate of travel and hotel and lodging to us to ease definite bookings before arrival.

How can I communicate with a doctor in India?

  • As part of our service, we will help make possible the preliminary session linking you and the doctor.
  • Extra communication prior to traveling can be conducted by means of phone, email, and/or video-conference, if preferred

Are the Indian hospitals secured?

We have a tie with a variety of health care groups in India and we can send you profiles of a variety of hospitals where you might experience treatment or surgery. You can examine the superiority of health care being made accessible.

What if I don't come across the process that I notice in on you website?

Medical tourism is just the procedure of traveling overseas to a precise destination to get hold of convinced medical measures. If you are not able to locate the requisite information on the website regarding the treatment or method that you are concerned in, kindly send us the information and Tours2Health will advise and suggest the choices on hand to you.

How can it be secure to travel so far after a surgical procedure?

Your travel strategy will be entirely stated by the surgical procedure you pick and will be in consultation with doctors. Once you opt for a procedure and destination, we update you about the optional convalescence time mandatory prior to revisit journey.

How do I go about looking for treatment/surgery in India through Tours2Health?

You could message us your entire symptoms and examinations done so far and also the analysis made by your local Physician. Our board of doctors will inspect your symptoms and reports and email back to you their notion and guidance.

If the response suggests a surgical treatment, you could send us all the clinical facts and we will e mail you the particulars of the surgery, No. of days stay and cost of the whole exercise.

Who will see to me after the surgical operation?

You will be in the hospital until you are discharged as per medical proposal. Your hospital stay may be different depending on the surgical treatment you endure. While in hospital the attendants will be concerned of you. After your discharge from hospital we could arrange for somewhere to stay and a nursing aide who would help you get well. This would engage an additional charge.


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