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About Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd

Tours2Health is an internationally leading brand in Medical Tourism. We are India's largest medical tourism facilitator and only the online marketing consultant for healthcare with a proven track record of 100 plus successful campaigns to our credit. These have gained us the goodwill and trust of associated doctors, clinics and hospitals spread across India. We have created and promoted extensive patient education guides to treatments and procedures that patients can do in India, cost estimates from treatment providers on these along with destination guides, forums, reviews and much more. Thus, Tours2Health is not an agency giving patient bookings and charging per patient commission from our medical partners. Instead, we market your services to potential patients across the globe, within India and locally. We send patient inquiries/referrals instantly to you. As you are the experts within your area especially in regards to clinical details, we believe that the patient correspondence regarding treatment and procedures should be handled directly by you and not by a middle man. Patient inquiry handling by middlemen considerably slow down process, reduces trust and transparency and ultimately results in a very low conversion ratio . Through our years of operation, we have found that patients feel much more comfortable when communicating directly with the hospital/clinic/doctor and are willing to disclose many details regarding their medical condition only to the treating doctor or hospital. We have through our analysis realized that the patient and medical center satisfaction is higher when the patients directly interact and decide on the center for treatment and the treatment procedure is explained directly by those who are the providers.

We at Tours2Health also presents to potential patients the most comprehensive online platform for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Dental, Bariatric, Cardiology, ENT, Ayurveda and a directory of our Associated Hospitals/Doctors and Clinics in India. Every associate is presented with a profile with its own URL featuring texts, photos, videos, doctor profiles, all treatments provided etc., which means that each profile is very well Search Engine( Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN) optimized. We have India's largest Internet Marketing and SEO team with cumulative experience of more than 7 years of working in the health care domain. They are constantly updating and upgrading our Internet presence in order to increase our medical partners' online visibility.

Tours2Health - Your Door to More Patients.

There are several options for you to market your treatment, care and procedures to potential patients. Please find the highlights below:

Proposal for Internet Marketing

  • Premium Profile on the Internet, with unique URLs for all your offered procedures (highest SEO and Google optimization)
  • Highest listing on Search Results Rankings & Google for all your treatments offered.
  • Receive FREE patient inquiries/bookings from patients seeking the procedures that you provide on a daily basis
  • Detailed presentation of your services through photos, videos, downloadable brochures, marketing texts, treatment/travel packages, etc.

Through an association with Tours2Health, you will receive both a unique and extensive marketing platform online and a resultant increase in the number of patients, occupancy and other desired parameters. If in case you require, we could also put you across to experienced professionals offering allied services that could further enhance you position amongst your competitors.

There are two different payment models for hospitals/clinics/doctors

  1. A fixed Annual Fee (including free/unlimited patient referrals): Starting from Rs 1, 20,000
  2. Pay Per Patient Referral (including the Premium Profile)
    • 50 patient referrals: Rs 25,000
    • 100 patient referrals: Rs 50,000

Our partners usually choose one of the two options based on how many referrals they can expect/month (which differs from location to location and also varies on the treatments offered). Some clinics/hospitals feel more comfortable only paying for the actual amount of patients received, while for certain destinations where there is a high patient demand, the option of a fixed price is much more price worthy.

Tours2Health has partnered with many of the leading hospitals, clinics and doctors’ all across India, to whom we have referred hundreds of patients. We now look forward to partnering associating with you.

Please see an example profile here of few of our partner hospitals/clinics:

We hope that you will see this as a great potential for your facility to acquire more patient’s inquiries and turn them in to successful patient cases.

Do let us know how you would like to pursue this initial communication, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration between our respective organizations.

Our service helps

  • Saves cost and time
  • Helps acquiring new patients
  • Reduces administrative hassles
  • Simplify patient interaction
  • Increases visibility
We at Tours2Health have pledged in making it the best healthcare services for patients using web and communication technologies. With the help of professionals, who are the very best in what they do, we are capable of handling any medical management related task assigned to us thus leaving the doctors with the most important job of caring for their patients.


News & Events

News and Events


Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd tops the the list of Most Promising Healthcare Marketing Companies in 2018. ANVITA makes it to the cover of SiliconIndia Healthcare magazine's October 2018 edition.

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Med e Talks :
Anvita Tours2health and Advisory Committee Members, is delighted to invite you all to the 4th MEDETALKS conference which scheduled on 26th January 2018 at The Lalit Asok Bangalore, India